Hi, I’m Irina

a designer & visual storyteller
from Bucharest, Romania.

Since 2001

I have been continuously involved in visual and editorial projects. My journey started with designing and editing a youth magazine and guided me through online publishing, web and graphic design, illustration, animation and motion graphics. In my spare time I write and illustrate stories, travel and take pictures and blog about food and life.

Personal projects

In 2018 I finished a self-discovery album with illustrated poems - The girl with the red umbrella. Since then I added a few more, including a stippling project very dear to my heart called Stories objects would tell and my latest comic about my adventures as a cacti owner - A spiny story. Click on the projects below to see each one.


For the past 15 year I had the pleasure of working for many beautiful brands alongside my husband Andrei Vasilescu at our studio.

Shaping a brand’s image and their visual stories is an incredible journey and I am truly grateful for the trust placed in me by all the clients I collaborated with over the years.

Let's keep in touch

You can write to me at contact@irinamarinperianu.com

instagram.com/irina.marinperianu/   linkedin.com/in/irinamarinperianu
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