Stories objects would tell

Glimpse of a fairytale

That day, in the dressing room,
you couldn’t breathe.
You shook off the seller’s
look of disapproval.
You focused on the stairway
you’ll one day descend,
floating through a fairytale.
And then you prayed
“It will be fine in a few months”.
But now years passed
and it’s hard for me
to always be that dress,
never fitting the dreams
you have for yourself.

Instagram moments

He got down on one knee
on a marvelous night of July,
on the perfect beach,
under the perfect moonlight.
And you messed up the answer,
like you always do,
with the Instagram moments
of your life.
But that’s fine,
in the end you still got
the loving part right.

Holding on

I know why the smell of
shoe polish and leather glue
always makes you a little bit sad.
I know why you keep brushing
each pair of boots
even when all the signs of wear
have subsided.
You try to hold on to
a memory of a grandpa
who polished and fixed all your shoes,
no matter the damage,
who joyfully embarked
on all your silly adventures,
who gave you your wandering feet
and curious mind
and loved you
till the end of his time.

A phone in the sun

I hate it when you’re angry
and speed away
with a thousand darts
in a single phrase.
I feel anxious when you
mindlessly scroll,
searching for something
that’s never there.
I’d rather you forgot about me,
for a while,
and just enjoy the sun.


She was quiet and reserved.
She turned down coffee,
but agreed to a stroll.
His fidgeting shoes
were making us tense
and one of our heels
broke with a CRACK!
“It’s a disaster” he thought,
rushing to help.
But she smiled,
reaching for her bag,
”Don’t tell anyone,
but I always have my dancing shoes
with me.”

Letters from a pancake pan

You’d think I have an easy task,
but I deliver love letters
with melting ice cream
and roasted apples,
I ginger up the friendly chatter,
I bring the tribe together,
with the familiar childhood smell
from grandma’s old cherry jam.
And, from time to time
you even count on me
to dry a tear or two,
with a dash of chocolate.

Last page

I’m so sorry I’ll miss
the next chapters of your life,
with hopes and dreams
that might come true
and new adventures
to get through.
But today you wrote
on my last sheet
and while my time has come,
yours will fill another’s page.